Maps, Roads, and Trails

We are publishing maps of the rides and should have a complete list soon..

IMPORTANT: The earlier you register and tell us what bikes and quads you are brining, the sooner we can set up the rides.  The more bikes or quads we have in a riding cataegory, the more rides will be available.

NOTE: None of the organized rides will require advanced riding skills.  The rides are designed for enjoyment and not intended to be an advanced ride.


City of Silverton Map         Silverton OHV Routes    


Dual-Sport / Quads

Alpine Loop Map 

Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route

Lake City, Ouray, & Silverton Jeeping & ATV Trails


Road Rides

Million Dollar Highway

A video of the Million Dollar Highway. 



Motorcycle and ATV Riding Information

Many answers to riding questions for motorcycles and ATVs can be found at Stay the Trail of our trails allow motorcycle, ATVs, jeeps , etc.  Here is an example of trail information from Stay the Trail.


Colorado State Motorcycle Laws

Colorado State Road Map

Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Maps


Group Riding on and off-road

Whether you are riding a street bike, adventure bike, or a dual-sport bike, there are basic laws and riding skills you must follow when on paved roads.  Please watch the MSF Group Riding Video for riding information and hand signals.     Here is a link to the MSF Group Riding Handbook.  It is always good to brush up on our riding skills.

The ride leads will talk about specific ride requirements before you go out on the rides each day.  We will also have materials available for viewing each morning.